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Flexible Memory Configuration

업계 최고의 데이터 무결성 및 신뢰성을 특징으로하는 Higgs™9 은
최근 복잡한 어플리케이션 및 진화하는 IoT 정보 데이터에 맞게 설계된 최첨단 읽기 / 쓰기 감도 및 유연한 메모리 용량을 제공합니다.

Detects and fixes single bit errors and flags dual bit errors.Safeguarded data and immunity to typical sources of single bit errors (chip damage, low power etc.)
Read sensitivity

Up to -22.5 dBmAllows smaller tags to be designed or larger read & write distances to be realized.
Write sensitivity

Up to -19 dBm
Best in class memory reliability

200,000 write cyclesRobust memory retention (twice that of competition
96-bit expandable EPC

Supports EPC size up to 496b for flexibilityAdditional 400 bits allows storing of larger identifying information
688 bit user memoryUser memory for storage of additional application data.For applications requiring data beyond EPC (asset data, service history, usage info etc.)
48b UTID with lower 38b unique serial for SGTIN generation48b UTID. Lower 38b are duplicated in the EPC for SGTIN generation.For retail and general serialzation
Larger “pads” for improved antenna connectivityMore contact area for antenna connectivityIncreased and more consistent yield inlay to inlay



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